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Vinyl Flooring

Today’s active households need flooring that’s durable, low-maintenance and attractive. Traditionally favoured in kitchens and laundry rooms, vinyl flooring now comes in a variety of patterns and styles. With so many choices, it’s the perfect choice for almost any room. Speak to us at The Edinburgh Carpet Company and we can assist in your choice of the appropriate flooring and are available for reliable and professional fitting.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is extremely durable – Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating, a laminate floor is much stronger and more scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and longer lasting that any hardwood, vinyl, or carpet. It’s virtually resistant to dogs, cats, kids and even high heels. Laminate’s superior stain and moisture-resistant surface coating makes spills and other messes easy to handle. This special surface doesn’t require waxes or varnishes to keep it looking great.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl flooring will transform your home! Vinyl flooring can be made to look like hardwood, stone, marble or any other natural material, but it is much more cost-effective. It is also easily installed, making it the preferred choice for DIY decorators and professionals alike. Vinyl flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas as it is resilient and durable. It is highly resistant to dents, scratches, and other damages, and will maintain its strength and appearance longer than most flooring types. Contact The Edinburgh Carpet Company to start the discussion.

Stunning Flooring Edinburgh locals can trust for their homes.

If you’re shopping for flooring in Edinburgh, look no further than The Edinburgh Carpet Company. We stock an incredible selection of flooring types, including vinyl, laminate, and luxury vinyl. Whether you’re after a pop of colour on your floor or something more muted, we have all colours to suit your taste. From trendy mustard yellows and opulent greens to timeless beiges, greys, and creams, The Edinburgh Carpet Company sells all of the flooring Edinburgh residents could ever dream of. We even stock quirky patterns and eyecatching designs, should that take your fancy instead.

Whatever type of flooring you choose, you can do so with the confidence that it will be of exceptional quality – we don’t settle for less. Browse our store online today to start shopping for flooring in Edinburgh, delivered quickly to your home. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team today for expert advice on your new flooring options.